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Welcome to Philadelphia Hood Cleaning. Do you own a restaurant or any type of commercial kitchen? If so, you probably have a hood above your grill or stove or fryer. This needs to be cleaned every three months We bring you the best hood cleaning here in Philly.

Kitchen Hood Cleaning Philadelphia

Hood Cleaning is a must have if you have a commercial kitchen! Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning is necessary to make sure you get this law required job done right. We use a chemical based degreaser and then apply it to your outdoor vent system. Then we use a pressure washer to spray it all down and wipe it clean. When working in the kitchen, we first cover all the other appliances and floors in plastic to protect it from getting wet. Then we follow some of the same steps that we use on the vent outside. Apply a coat of degreaser and spray it down with a pressure washer.

We make sure to get everything off and promise to leave your hoods in Philadelphia shining and free of grease. You don’t want some hood cleaner that leaves some grease behind or doesn’t use a safe degreaser for your work environment. Grease fires are one of the number causes in restaurants. Make sure this doesn’t happen to you!  It can be prevented by getting your hood cleaned every three months by certified professionals! Grease can build up in your duct and vent connected to your hood in the kitchen.

Call Philadelphia Hood Cleaning today and we will clean your hoods in the kitchen in your restaurant. We leave behind no messes and we promise you a job well done. 

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