Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

We would like to invite all restaurant owner, commercial kitchen operators, and hospital cafeteria managers to try out our professional kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services. We service all of Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania, including Delaware and surrounding states. We will drive up to 10 hours to service our clients with a professional kitchen exhaust hood cleaning services.

Hood Cleaning Services In Philadelphia

We got started from a one-man crew, and based on reputation upon reliability and attention to detail. Our clients know they can trust us to clean everything not just what is seen. We go up into the duct work and make sure that all the grease and charcoal is completely eradicated and pressure wash down to bare metal. We even go on the roof and wash out the fan and rinse off anymore moving parts that are accessible. When we are done, you are fully cleaned from your kitchen hood to the rooftop with absolutely no grease or scone in your kitchen exhaust hood system.

Restaurant Hood Cleaning in Philadelphia, PA!

At your request we can also rinse and soak the hood filters right above your stove. This keeps things looking nice from a working environment standpoint. If your employees have a dirty working environment this brings all around esteem down. You want to keep a good working environment for your employees. Keeping your kitchen exhaust systems clean and all around cleanliness of your restaurant is a great step in the right direction of raising company policies and establishing good culture for your restaurant. Call Philadelphia Hood Cleaners today!

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