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If you are like most American families, you enjoy eating out at a restaurant every now and then. This is a great time to enjoy each others company, and spend time together with minimal distractions.

Philadelphia Hood Cleaning

Many restaurants provide all sorts of foods. From different ethnicity to a more common Philadelphia sit-down, most restaurants take order when you first walk in, and bring your food out after a few minutes.

What we don’t see is what goes on behind the scenes in the kitchen area. There are chefs and cooks busily milling around getting your food ready. They take your order as they come, and make them to order and when they’re finished put them out to be brought to you.

Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning

Restaurants are usually open from around 9 AM to 11 PM. This is a long workday with many shifts and overlaps of employees, Employees can quit, but unfortunately kitchen equipment does not. Stoves are often turned on a clock in the morning, and not shut off till 11 PM.

This is extremely grueling and puts a lot of waste into the air from not only the heat on the stove but from oils and gases being released into the air from the food being cooked.

Hood Cleaning

So how does this oil and grease get disposed? Most restaurants were built in the last 50 years, and have a kitchen exhaust hood vent installed over the stove to suck the air out of the kitchen out the roof, releasing into the air above. These systems are called kitchen exhaust fans or hood vents. Hood vents are a very good design, preventing fires and toxic chemicals to go into the main area of the restaurant, and also to keep the area clean in the kitchen where employees work.

The only catch is that these kitchen exhaust ducts must be cleaned every few months to keep things clean and working properly as the years go by. If the kitchen exhaust vent is not cleaned properly, grease and charcoal and crime will build up inside the duct and slowly close off the passageway completely sealing things off. This is extremely dangerous as all the contents are very flammable and any flame that leaves the stove will likely ignite the entire chimney into a fast burning fire. This is extremely dangerous and could burn the entire restaurant to the ground within a few hours. This is why it is so important to get your hoods cleaned on a regular basis. In Philadelphia it is required by law to clean your heads to proper specifications every three months.

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